Garden Tables Design

Garden tables are very handy and easy to carry. Wood and square, round or rectangular glass and folding the table in the garden must be, above all, appropriate to our intentions. Enjoy a moment outdoors while taking a drink or hold a family meal are more than unpleasant situations in which comfort is one of our main objectives . Therefore, having the right furniture, in addition to decorating, we serve as a functional element in the garden, is a safe for any time outside it may seem quite an experience.

Blow molded garden tables have become more popular these days because of their light weight, strength, cost-effectiveness, more durability and maintenance free in comparison to other types of tables.

First of all, we must ask ourselves what we want to with the distribution of the tables in the garden. A coffee table is the perfect partner at any time of reading , allowing us to have at hand a drink, cell phone or anything else we needed. Should not have too much space, we can always choose a folding table of the same features and use it only when necessary. One trick to win the space, for example, place a rectangular table which hold some food in the garden. A welcome decision, above all, to get the celebration of the birthday of household members and that, whatever the age, the garden is a special place for organizing any event.

We even have the option to decorate the garden by choosing a extendable table with which to win even more seats , always useful on special occasions. For this style, we can decant the wood , where resistant version for outdoor furniture. The wood from teak wood or synthetic are some options we can dress our tables. Decorative and functional, just have to keep some basic care to look like the first day for many summers.

Shalfleet table from OKA, 650 GBP

Wooden (teak) garden furniture

Rustic garden table

garden table in English country style

wrought iron garden table

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