Ideas for Sprucing up Your Living Room Before the Holidays

The holidays are almost upon us once more, and if you have spent the entirety of lockdown looking at the same four walls of your living room, you’ve probably been thinking about ways you can update it. Now is the time, more than ever, to strip away the uncertainty of 2020 and get yourself a new outlook and a new vibe, ready for the change of season and those cozy winter nights.Here are some of the things you can do over the next couple of months.

Switch it Around

The easiest, and most cost-effective way, to spruce up your living room is to rearrange it. If your furniture has been in the same spot for many years,even something as small as swapping the sofas around can make it feel as though you are in a completely different room. By rearranging furniture, you can realign the energy of your home and create a better flow, allowing you to feel a new level of joy for the holiday period.

Add Some Art to the Walls

The change in season, and run up to Christmas, can be exhilarating for many people.  If this sounds like you, why not find some festive pieces and start the holidaysearly?  It will definitely get you into the spirit of the occasion. You could even make an investment into some new frames to givethe artwork already in your living room a new lease of life. Make it a family project and ask your children to help you create unique pieces that are ready to display in their own home gallery wall.

Give it a Complete Overhaul

If you really want to make a change, you could go completely all out and sink your teeth into a big project. Find yourself an interior design consultant and ask them to help you take charge of your living room.You only have to browse through the gallery of Heritage Design Interiors to see how glorious your living room could be. Their website features lots of design ideas that you can take onboard for your own home.  Whatever your tastes, taking the time and putting aside a budget to give your living room a complete makeover could be just what the doctor ordered

Add a Splash of Color

Another great way to revamp your living room is to add a completely new color to the walls. Get your paintbrushes and stencils out, cover everything with sheets, and get to work. You could even add a feature wall.If your room is white, try adding a bold color on one side.  A great place to do this is on the wall where the fireplace is; however, the choice is completely yours.

Whichever way you choose to spruce up your living room, it could end up being one of the most relaxing and therapeutic projects you tackle this year. A change is good for the soul, and a happy soul shines through and will be visible to all who see you.

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