New Trends In Bathroom Decorations 2015

New trends in bathroom decorations for 2015 – The beginning of each year is an opportunity to discover a new trends in decorations. Colors, furniture, textiles, patterns changing all the time. Some trends last for long time, some are very short, but the common thing for all is that they aim to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. If you follow recent trends, you will love our suggestions for bathroom decorations in 2015. Accents are mostly on natural and relaxing atmosphere.

1. Bathroom as a spa. This trend is around for last few years and it aims to convert a boring room that we use for taking a shower and brushing the teeth, into relaxing, warm and nice part of your home.


2. Bamboo shelves. In your personal spa you have to have a furniture made of natural, light materials and has a strong connection to Far East. Bamboo is the right material for you and big trend in bathroom decorations in 2015. Simple bamboo shelf will be functional and esthetically harmonious with the rest of the interior.

3. Marsala color. Marsala is Pantone color of the year 2015. It is the color of red wine mixed with grey and white. Use the details in this color, such as towels, bathroom mat, vase, toothbrush glass…


4. White towels. The white towels are always trendy. This time we recommend towels with two textures. On one side the towel is smooth while the other side is textured with stripes. It is very decorative and it suits the skin perfectly. Be sure your towels are from natural materials.

5. Woven baskets. Rough-looked wooden benches, shelves and chairs are very welcome. But new trends in bathroom decorations are woven baskets. Buy some woven baskets in different sizes and use them for your jewelry, laundry or little packages of soaps, salts, body oils… Baskets may be in natural color or painted. Cover them with the fabric inside.







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