Planning The Perfect Outdoor Space

An annual phenomenon is in full force at this time as the weather warms and time spent in the perfect outdoor space is more pleasant. Clothing, activities and food choices ate all affected by the change in seasons. In order to have the best outdoor area to hang your hat, your garden and backyard may need some tweaking. There are many tricks that can be employed to make your outdoor space attractive and enjoyable.

Flowers or vegetables?

Some people hear the word ‘garden’ and imagine rows of freshly grown vegetables and the joy of zucchini bombing neighbors. Others see rows of cultivated flowers. Some put the flowers in the front and the veggies in the back.

Certainly, not much tastes better on a hot summer night than a chilled freshly grown tomato. Either way, having a pleasant place to enjoy your time outdoors charges the soul. When you are planning your outdoor area, there are several factors to consider making your space pleasant during the entire season. For brevity’s sake, we will discuss flower gardens today.

Plan your blooms in the perfect outdoor space

When you are planning your garden, you need to plan for the light and water requirements of each plant, but you might consider the various types of plants and when they are in bloom. You can add plants that bloom earlier (daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, etc) to your garden to add color earlier in the season. Plants and shrubs which bloom once or for a short time in the season can add interest as well. Lilacs and irises are lovely late spring bloomers and are green even when not blooming. Lilies are lovely in late summer and add splashes of color in the hot months of July and August.

Many of the annuals and perennials that are widely available will bloom for the bulk of the season as well. These can be added as a constant presence with the more short-seasoned plants coming and going to give your garden interest and variety.

Create texture

Look for vines, shrubs and ground covers of varying heights in the plants that you pick for your garden. By so doing, you create interest and variety. Decorative grasses, planters, or other ornamental objects are like the scalloped icing decorations on a cake – they add visual appeal.

Give yourself a space

It is admirable to crate lush eye-candy for your neighbors and passers-by, but you need to be able to enjoy your perfect outdoor space. Create a little area for yourself to unwind and enjoy your hard work. Hammocks, porch swings or classic teak benches can be placed in shady spots.


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